It’s JUST a Sandwich…


the porchetta sandwich at Porchetta in the East Village

the porchetta sandwich at Porchetta in the East Village

…until your first bite, when you realize the porchetta sandwich at aptly named Porchetta exists in a much higher stratosphere of things eaten between two pieces of bread.  This is pork that has been rolled with herbs and spices like garlic, sage, rosemary and fennel pollen, the last of which chef/owner Sara Jenkins’ family sent directly from Italy.  It spends hours roasting, until the skin becomes crispy like bacon, yet the inside stays moist and richly flavorful.  A Sullivan St. ciabatta roll serves as the vehicle upon which this porchetta rides.

savory, wonderfully fatty, full of herbs

savory, wonderfully fatty, check out those herbs!

 In Italy, particularly Rome, a porchetta sandwich is the equivalent of our fast-food burger; a porchetta shop seems to exist on every block.  Indeed, my friend Lucy and I developed a porchetta obsession while on vacation in Italy two years ago. Porchetta, occupying a small storefront on E. 7th St with only a few stools for perching, is fast food for foodies.  You can order a side of plump white beans, crispy potatoes (without a touch of grease) and burnt ends, and a fresh green pile of chicory tossed in a barely creamy and piquant garlic dressing.

look at this beautiful hunk of the other white meat

look at this beautiful hunk of the other white meat


the sides are equally as simple

white beans, potatoes and crispy burnt ends, fresh chicory with creamy garlic dressing: the sides are equally as simple




Porchetta, 110 E. 7th st bet 1st and Ave A. They say they’re open until 1AM but I think they run out of pork long before that.  Note: this spot is about the size of my thumb, with only a few counter seats available.  No wine or beer for now, although the very nice Porchetta manager said they’re working on it.  Here is their limited website.



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2 responses to “It’s JUST a Sandwich…

  1. Kevin Fox

    Well now I’m going to need a nap…….
    I saw a chance to run from midtown over to the tiniest slice of heaven in the East Village…..
    so 6 sandwiches and a couple of orders of pototato’s and a salad so we did not feel guilty later….
    I have now created 5 new converts and all because I looked at the above photo’s I now understand “why a picture is worth a thousand words…”
    Every person that can should

  2. DC

    I just chipped my tooth biting into my computer screen.

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