A Quiet Evening with Friends…


The Manhattan Cocktail at Smith and Mills

The Manhattan Cocktail at Smith and Mills

Last week, I met my friend Julie and her husband Jason for drinks.  Julie is the immensely talented designer of her eponymous line Julie Haus.  I love her designs, particularly a flutter top that makes me feel real pretty every time I wear it.  But mostly, I just love her.  She’s a down-to-earth Texan with a penchant for margaritas and an affection for fishing (with a thermos full of margarita).  

We met on a quiet Tuesday at Smith and Mills, a candlelit, vintage-inspired sliver of a bar in Tribeca.  I like the atmosphere- this former carriage house feels as old as the cobblestone street it sits on, thanks to the sexy yet precise flea-market chic interior.  The service is friendly.  The drinks are classic and straightforward: their Manhattan and the Americano are two of my favorites. However, the drinks are not cheap, and I feel obliged to note that this place is cash only.

There is food- a limited menu that appears to be produced out of a corner of the bar with a convection oven (I don’t know if this is true).  I’ve seen great food produced out of small places in New York, but this was impressive.  We had steamed clams in a garlicky broth, a macaroni and cheese with bacon, clam chowder, and bread pudding for dessert.  All were great.  But the best part was the company- we sat at our little corner table for hours, letting the conversation, food and drink (oh, the drinks) flow freely.

Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Mac and Cheese with Bacon



Delicious Bread Pudding

Delicious Bread Pudding

Julie and Jason- thanks for keeping me out past curfew.  Next time drinks are on me. 

Julie Haus: check out her awesome collection on her excellent website.

Smith and Mills: 71 North Moore St, nr Greenwich St, in Tribeca. Their uninformative website is here, but you’ll get a better idea of place by reading their write-up on nymag.com.



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2 responses to “A Quiet Evening with Friends…

  1. mere

    Guess that is how they ruined everything above. The building has no exhaust or vent… Thanks for the evidence! And hey, by the way, do you think if Matt has you keep writing about food he won’t loose the license? Finally ladies it was a loft, not a carraige house. Where do you get this? The A carraige house? It had an old ugly gate garage door.they simpole replaced it. Grow up with these stories. Its a landmark having nothing to do with the single car garage. Just a smelly old rusty single car garage. Bon apetite!

    • noriamorales

      Thanks Meredith, for you interesting comments on my post. I do advise you use spellcheck next time because you are probably much more intelligent than you sound.
      P.S. I assume Matt is an owner. I don’t write for Matt.

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