Happy Hours, a Cornerstone of My Social Life


A Brazilian bar promoting their happy hour, one of many in the West Village alone

The city is covered in signs like these promoting various types of Happy Hours.

I can’t decide whether the title of this post is awesome or incredibly pathetic.  The truth is, I wish I could hit up more happy hours.  It’s a brilliant concept in which everyone wins: the restaurant/bar makes money during a typically quiet time, and I am saving 50% off the price of admission to these spots (plus I’m in a great mood because I must have left work early).  I googled “new york happy hours” and got 1.3 million results, of which I listed a few of my favorites below.  

Happy Hours in the city range from high-end to dirt(y) cheap, and all have their merits for the mood you’re in.  I’ve written about the happy hours at Lure Fish Bar and Aroma, which are two of my favorites.  If anyone has a good one to share, please comment because I’d like to know.

Help finding your happy hour:

Unthirsty.com maps out everything for you, and let’s you customize your search, like by times, food, or wi-fi (for the nerds who drink)

Citysearch rates the best in New York here.

Jaunted and Thrillist teamed up to give the Cool Kids’ favorites, I’m happy to see Lure is on here.

NYC Pulse rates their faves here.

DrinkDeal gives an exhaustive listing of everything related to cheap drinking here.

Yelp.com chips in here.


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One response to “Happy Hours, a Cornerstone of My Social Life

  1. joan gallagher

    How great is this? What a concept! Happy Hour! Okay another thing Boston lacks…Our trains stop at 1 am and we have no happy hour…I guess this is an attempt to maintain our “puritan roots”. Till then (unless we board the “Fung Wa”) we will be forced to “brown bag” if we want a cheap date!

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