For This? $1


the best pork dumplings from the Good Dumpling Shop in Chinatown

awesome pork dumplings from the Good Dumpling House in Chinatown

I live in dumpling land, and my favorite dumplings are around the corner on Grand Street at a place trickily named Good Dumpling House. When I’m super hungry and lazy, I go right up to the street window (it’s the equivalent of Chinese fast food) and hand over $2.  The woman piles 8 big juicy pork and chive dumplings in a container. If I’m entertaining, I place them on two pretty plates- these are from Pearl River, the giant discount store that stocks amazing housewares, clothes, food for cheap.  I mixed up some fresh shaved ginger into a little bowl of soy sauce.   These dumplings are excellent, full of flavorful ground pork and chives encased in a thin noodle pocket.  They also sell these dumplings frozen, in bags of 50, for a pittance.  You can fry or steam them up yourself whenever a need for dumplings comes up.  If you have a favorite dumpling spot in Chinatown, please let me know!

Good Dumpling House (fka Sun Dou Dumplings): 214 Grand St bet Mott and Elizabeth Sts. A website coming soon here.

For great housewares on the cheap, visit Pearl River Market’s website and buy online.  477 Broadway between Broome and Grand.


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