Art and Eats in Williamsburg

Today I went to Brooklyn to run an errand, and ended up having one of the most delicious ice cream experiences of my entire life.   In fact, the whole afternoon was pretty awesome.

there's a lot of art on display on the Williamsburg streets.  This was under some scaffolding.

As I walked the streets of Williamsburg, I noticed there is a lot of really cool art on display in the most surprising spots, like at construction sites and under scaffolding.

So I started taking pictures of everything I liked.


Williamsburg, a place of unexpected beauty?

 Williamsburg- such unexpected beauty!


This place was filled with Eastern European families and lots of strollers.


Bedford St was filled with scruffy yet somehow handsome musicians


Bedford St is also home to Penny Lickers, where I had the MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM EXPERIENCE. It’s also a bakery with lots of vegan and organic offerings.


The flavor is Kulfi Pistachio with Cardamom, something I can only explain as a creamy Turkish delight. It’s also organic, which is always nice.


As I cruised the streets eating my ice cream, I noticed an awesome restaurant corner on Berry St.  This place looked charming.


This place is the Hotel Delmano.  I just found this out from my friend Heather, knower of all things cool.


Any guess on what wood tanks are?  Answer: they are the wood tanks adorning many a NYC building, and store our water supply. (thank you, Ed, for googling)


Williamsburg is so gritty! exclaims my polished Manhattan self.


These birds are much cooler than pigeons and pose no danger.


Women on a street corner.


I saw sharks,

and a blue lady,

and then I realized, sadly, that my ice cream was almost gone.


So I walked to the slightly bedraggled, but busy McCarren Park and watched some baseball.  

An orthodox Jewish baseball team?  Reason no. 137 to love Brooklyn.


This guy looks like he jumped out of Guernica and plastered himself on a the side of a three-family. What would Picasso say?


Art you can walk on.

Too bad it was dark by the time I found this spot.  It’s called Juliette, and it looks like a younger, hipper, thinner, taller sister to Soho’s Balthazar.  It has rooftop terrace dining, no wait, and steak frites. 

This cheese shop looked so lovely and inviting, I might have to come back.

Juliette: 135 North 5th St. Menu, great pics on their website: click here

Bedford Cheese Shop: 229 Bedford St. Read more, including their own blog, here.

Penny Lickers: you have to find it.  It’s on Bedford, it’s new, and there is no mention of it online.  Worth the trip for the Kulfi Pistachio-Cardamom ice cream.






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