Feeling the Pinche

Finding myself with a rare weekend day in the city (and absolutely no commitments or responsibilities), I spent a lazy afternoon cruising the streets of my neighborhood, doing a little bit of shopping, a lot of browsing and people-watching, whilst enjoying the late summer peace that has pervaded the leafy streets of Nolita.  Wanting an easy, cheap lunch, I decided to check out Pinche Taqueria, which opened up last November in a tiny storefront on Mott St.  

Pinche Taqueria on Mott St

Pinche Taqueria on Mott St

To my surprise, I learned Pinche is no flash-in-the-pan trendy La Esquina wannabe.  Rather, it’s a second location, the original having opened in 1973 in Tijuana, Mexico.   It boasts “all natural rancho style cooking,” with everything made from scratch and nothing frozen or canned.   

I ordered a fish taco and a carnita (braised pork) along with a side of yucca fries.  All of their tacos are served in soft tortillas with onions, cilantro, guacamole and salsa.   Not one to hinder the promise of Mexican food perfection, I ordered a Pacifico to wash it all down.  



The tacos were, as promised, wonderfully fresh.  The carnita in particular was outstanding- moist, flavorful braised pork heaped in the tortilla…at $2.75 it really is a great deal.  The yucca fries, at $4.25, were way overpriced because they taste like nothing.  Yucca is a hard vegetable to get right, and when you do, it’s delicious, but Pinche seems to think they should have no flavor at all.

amazing pork carnita

amazing pork carnita

spicy fish taco with a side of radish

My lunch came out to about $16, which, depending on how you interpret budget these days, is either really cheap compared to lunch at a restaurant or really expensive for two tacos and a beer (and some tasteless fries).  I wonder how much it costs in Tijuana?

Overall, great tacos, worth a drive-by next time you’re in the hood.


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