Lobster Roll Debate!

I mentioned in my Martha’s Vineyard report that my idea of a perfect lobster roll included celery.  This was highly offensive to Joey of Gloucester, who strongly believes aperfect lobster roll includes only lobster meat, mayo, and the grilled buttered hot dog bun.  He told me so in a pointed comment, then helpfully concluded with a link to a post on his blog about How to F^@k Up a Lobster Roll, which you may read here.

What would this guy say?  (courtesy of flickr)

What would this guy say? (courtesy of flickr)


As a native of Massachusetts, I have great respect for the seafood sensibilities of fellow Massholes, especially one from Gloucester.  Maybe mayo is the only necessary accoutrement , and my taste for celery betrays an addiction to superfluous things.  Does the fact that I want celery mean I’m a poser?  I pondered this for oh, about 30 seconds.

Fast forward one week, to my office.  My fellow editor Lynette cruises in, fresh from a trip up to Rhode Island.  Along the way, she and her boyfriend stopped at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale Restaurant in CT for their lobster roll.  Forget celery and mayo, this one is made with lobster, butter, and hot dog bun. It’s about as pure as you can get, provided you adore butter.  The verdict?  She loved it, and suggests that perhaps THIS is a real lobster roll.  Gloucester Joe, what do you think?

the mayo-less, celery-less lobster roll at Lenny and Joe's in Westport, CT

the mayo-less, celery-less lobster roll at Lenny and Joe



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15 responses to “Lobster Roll Debate!

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  2. I ought to quickly state for the record that I’m just Joey and not a Captain. My Grandfather was Captain Joe. An incredible man whose shoes I could never fill.

  3. What do I think?

    I think y’all are bananas to even question The Mrs’ Lobster Roll as if it wasn’t The Greatest Lobster Roll In The Entire World.

    It says so here so it must be true-


  4. Oh, and BTW those frozen soggy ass french fries look nasty.


    The slaw looks worthy though.

  5. Rob

    Sorry, but I’ve got to agree with my fellow Gloucesterite Joey here. Lobster roll = lobster, mayo, buttered grilled hot dog bun (the kind with bare bread on the sides, not “crust”). I’ve only seen pictures and heard rumors, but ’tis true, The Mrs. (Joey’s) makes the best damn roll around!

  6. Dewey

    I like my lobster roll with finely chopped celery and a touch of paprika on a butter-grilled bun. Sacrilege, but that’s they way I enjoy it.

  7. I’m partial to Abbott’s Lobster in Noank, CT.

    I prefer my roll sans celery.


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  9. hope

    i’m sure most would consider this heresy but i was given the tip that the lobster roll at my favorite shack (cyril’s in amagansett) is mixed with a bit of tabasco. made it this past weekend (avec celery). super tasty!

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  11. markgm

    I have to say that after eating a lobster roll at City Fish, a lobster roll contains bun, lobster, and butter. I’m making some today!

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