Everything is Peaches


sliced peach

sliced peach


I am the local supermarket’s favorite kind of customer, because I spend a lot of money on things I don’t need, like three different kinds of jam when I don’t even make toast, and organic face wash because it’s organic and smells nice, and several pounds of fruit because I’m usually hungry when I enter the market, and it all looks good.   I thoroughly enjoy the fruit on my walk home and for dinner, but most of it goes to waste.  I am one person, usually cooking for myself.  I can barely finish one peach, let alone four.

So I gave myself a reasonable goal, to find multiple purposes for one fruit so as not to waste.  If I could figure out how to do it, isn’t it logical to assume my resourcefulness and creativity could be applied to the larger stage that is my life?  

Note: I don’t cook nearly as often as I eat out.

arugula salad with corn, walnuts, avo, peaches

arugula salad with corn, walnuts, avo, peaches

 For dinner, I tossed arugula with walnuts, avocado, sweet corn that I shaved off the husk and into my salad, and peaches all together with some olive oil and balsamic.  It was simple, fresh, delicious.

Dessert was the showstopper.  Growing up I loved when my stepfather would make bananas flambé, sauteing them with butter and brown sugar, then adding a healthy dose of rum to fire it up, literally.  This time I did it with peaches, letting them soften up in the sugar/butter mixture, then pouring a bit of rum over it (I had some Havana Club dark rum so I used it, but any dark rum is good, even if it isn’t Cuban).  Even though I’m arguably a grown-up, I still get a rush watching the alcohol flame up over the pan.  After a couple of minutes I spooned my peaches flambe over coconut sorbet.  I loved the coconut/peach combo, but generally it’s waaaaay better to use ice cream instead of sorbet (someone wasn’t paying attention in the ice cream aisle).

peaches and flame

peaches and flame

the key flambe ingredient is rum.  I like mine Cuban.

the key flambe ingredient is rum. I like mine Cuban.

peaches and coconut sorbet

peaches and coconut sorbet


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