Who Says Fashion Editors Don’t Eat?

Yes, I’ve heard about the editors who eat carrot sticks for lunch and 3 pieces of lettuce for dinner.  

I’ve just never actually met one.  Like many perceptions about the fashion world, it’s probably a tad exaggerated.  That said, I do hear about detox diets about once every ten minutes (it’s called blueprint cleanse and it’s all the rage. Read more here.)

At my office, which is chock full of fashion editors, our next meal is a top priority (along with our actual job, of course).  Unless we just ate, and in that case, we’re usually still discussing our last meal.   

The truth is (be prepared for shameless self-promotion), fashion editors make great foodies because they have a sharp eye for detail, are willing to try new things, usually visit really cool cities with excellent restaurants (like Paris and Milan twice a year), eat out all the time (let’s be honest) and generally have good taste.   Editors also have strong opinions, otherwise, they wouldn’t be editors.   

That said, below are a few great submissions from my colleagues, the fashion editor foodies.  When I told them about my side gig as a food writer, they were incredibly supportive in that they a) didn’t fire me, and b) sent me a ton of fantastic reviews and products.  Their enthusiasm is simply awesome.




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