Near Perfection in Pizza: Franny’s Brooklyn


clam pizza at Franny's

clam pizza at Franny's

A message pops up in my treo late one evening.  The message is from my fashion director.  The subject? Her meal at Franny’s Pizza in Brooklyn:

“I wish I could eat there every night.  How amazingly yum.  All so simple and so perfect.  Like eating in Europe where everything tastes like what it is.  Have pics but we devoured the crostini with house-cured pancetta and herb butter before I got a shot!”

This is a major endorsement from a woman for whom “inedible” is a commonly used vocabulary word.  She has probably eaten at every major restaurant in New York, Paris and Milan but has the utmost appreciation for simple, unfussy food.  She would rather have a good hamburger than an above average three course fancy restaurant meal.  

Hope's pizza

Hope's pizza

I have eaten at Franny’s as well and my experience was near ethereal.  The pizza, fired hot in a wood-burning oven so that the dough is charred yet still slightly sweet, and the ingredients are absolutely top notch.  It’s also an environmentally-conscious (they use wind energy!) restaurant that focuses on using in-season, locally-harvested ingredients.   It’s a small, rather rustic spot that doesn’t take reservations so I highly recommend getting there early.  

Read the menu, which includes way more than pizza and a cool cocktail list, here:

the window at unassuming Franny's

the window at unassuming Franny's


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