A Love/Hate Relationship with Gourmet Potato Chips



Anne, my market director at Lucky, came into the office the other day clutching a half-eaten bag of potato chips and posing this question:

“You know how sometimes you want to hate something, but just can’t?”

The something was the bag of potato chips.   They are from Zabar’s, and the bag she bought was about $8.  Bear in mind the price of a small bag of Lays.  Or, a party size bag of Lays.  Or, two party size bags of Lays.

Oh, but the difference between chips that justifies the incredibly ridiculous cost of a Zabar’s bag vs those other blue collar chips!  Eating Zabar’s gourmet chip is like biting into a crunchy cloud of Idaho potato, deliciously salty and satisfyingly greasy.  It is a chip to be savored like a fine Bordeaux or a Cuban cigar. Yet it’s a potato chip, the teflon snack that usually found itself thrown in a sandwich bag and crammed next to our ham sandwiches at school lunch.  It’s not supposed to be gourmet.  

Then again, is there anything better than a perfect potato chip, other than a perfect french fry?



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