Sun, Breeze, Brunch


Brunch at Morandi in the West Village

Brunch at Morandi in the West Village

On Saturday I met my lovely friend Dana for brunch at Morandi in the West Village.  I had read about Morandi’s breakfast and seeing as I had imbibed far too much wine the night before at Aroma, an Italian-style brunch filled with breads and and eggs and prosciutto and crespelle sounded like the ideal antidote to my headache. We got a table for two outside under the awning and ordered uova camicia, poached eggs with onions and peppers, occhio di bue, a flatbread with pancetta, pecorino and sunny-side up eggs on top, and for dessert fazoletti di ricotta, a lemon ricotta crespelle (crepes) with fresh strawberries.  The food was excellent, the sun warm, the breeze divine, and the atmosphere casual bordering on lazy.  Around us tables of friends settled in for the afternoon, ordering bottles of rose and sharing various antipasti.  It was beautiful.



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