Food Fetish? Try this Website.

I never thought I’d be so into edible gold spray.  Or dehydrated raspberry powder.  Or Tahitian vanilla fleur de sel.  In fact, the only reason I ventured onto L’Epicerie’s website was because they carried Peugot salt and pepper shakers, which was on the shortlist for my friend’s wedding registry.  Once on, I was hooked by their “hard-to-find” section, and then totally mesmerized by “molecular gastronomy.”  My inner Wylie Dufresne came alive, sans funny sideburns.  L’Epicerie is a place where foodies and cooks and chefs indulge, but it’s got plenty for amateurs like me.  I will never know what to do with raspberry powder or gelatin sheets, although I can think of lots of uses for black truffle mayonnaise and boxes of macarons.  I love this site because it’s so eccentric, but with a clear appreciation all that culinaria has to offer.

Dehydrated Raspberry Powder for Molecular Gastronomes

Dehydrated Raspberry Powder for Molecular Gastronomes

Delish-sounding Black Truffle Mayonnaise

Delish-sounding Black Truffle Mayonnaise

Gold Spray

Gold Spray



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3 responses to “Food Fetish? Try this Website.

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  2. what a fabulous find! im ordering everything! what do you think locust bean gum is for?

  3. foodcritic4life

    Hello! I love your website! Its so cool! Please check out mine, and leave a comment. I h=just started it so its no very big…

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