Pimm’s Cup, the Fancy Cocktail any Idiot Can Make

Like Campari, Pimm’s is a mystery (no one knows the full recipe).  And as Campari is synonymous with Italian culture, so is the Pimm’s Cup to England.  It’s a gin-based spirit spiffed up with fruits, herbs and spices, giving it a reddish color and a complex flavor that’s slightly sweet with a hint of spice.  The best thing about Pimm’s is you can pretty much add anything to it and the end result is absolutely delicious.  My friend Lucy (of shandy fame) mixes it with french lemonade (has bubbles and is less sweet than regular lemonade) and fruits: oranges, cucumbers, strawberries, apples, and then mint (see photo below, being served at a recent pool party).  You can make a pitcher of it and let it infuse (sort of like the English answer to sangria).  No lemonade?  Try ginger ale, lemons and cucumbers.  Love club soda?  Add a splash to the cup.  Celebrating?  Do a Pimm’s Royale with cava or champagne and a strawberry for garnish.  Pimm’s is elegant, but deceptively easy..it really is an ideal summer cocktail.  Learn more here.


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  1. Love Pimm’s! I like the easy ginger-ale version. We make a thermos and smuggle it into to the park. Shhhhh…

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