Cool Girly Gin! Seriously!

I’m not suggesting men won’t like Hendrick’s Gin.  In fact, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love the elements of rose and cucumber in this small-batch spirit from Scotland.  What I am saying is that this gin is pretty, and for those familiar with the rather unsexy history of gin, you might get the sense that a pretty gin is…surprising.  Hendrick’s Gin is like the beautiful girl who went to Harvard and also knows what a first down is.  Ok, shocking.

Hendrick’s is pretty because it’s distilled with the oil pressed from the petals of a Bulgarian rose and the pulp from mashed fresh cucumbers.  It’s smart because it uses an old-school distillation process (carter-head stills, anyone?) to produce a super smooth gin. Wittiness abounds on the website…you’ll find natty illustrations and a few clever limericks to entertain you.   The taste is botanically-focused, aromatic, but don’t get me wrong, it is not some sweet substitute for gin. Remember the beautiful girl who knows football?  Hendrick’s is gin martini-worthy and is not to be confused with something along the lines of stoli vanilla, or worse, midori.  I’m still a fan of the traditional g+t, but I’ll definitely be experimenting with Hendrick’s this summer.   Fortunately the website offers lots of recipes, categorized under “The Usual” and “The Unusual.”   

Hendrick’s Gin is not yet widely distributed in the U.S. but definitely gaining exposure.  I had a Hendrick’s gin and tonic at the bar at the Soho Grand, where they served it, appropriately, in a tall glass with a slice of cucumber.



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3 responses to “Cool Girly Gin! Seriously!

  1. Bootsie

    I enjoyed this gin in a cucumber martini in Boston on a beautiful sunny day by the water. Excellent! Served, of course, with a shaved cucumber to replace the olive.

  2. this is much after the fact of summer, but in retrospect, how did you enjoy your Hendrick’s G&T’s? my family’s house gin this summer was Hendrick’s and whenever i made one for anyone, i surely treated myself.

    • noriamorales

      I love my G+Ts with this….but I am adamant that it should be served with a slice of garnish and not a lime. The cucumber really complements the flavors of Hendricks.

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