Lazy Saturday for one

Whenever I see a woman dining alone, I always think first, “oh, she’s cool,” followed by a pitying “where are her friends at?”  I know, I know, it’s an insecure response. The fact is eating alone publicly requires a level of confidence and determination that I don’t always possess.  It’s more self-conscious, and let’s be honest, don’t you ALWAYS notice the lone diner?  You wonder what his/her story is (not as much with men).  Of course, the diner is probably having a great time, not having to make talk with anyone.  But dining in restaurants is by nature a social act,  and I love sharing my food with a companion, or a crew of companions.  I’m not opposed to eating alone, as there is an element of self-indulgence that’s rewarding…like getting a massage.  That said, today I couldn’t round up a pal for a lazy Saturday lunch.  The sky was overcast, the air a bit cool, and suddenly I was homesick for a little New England tradition. I wanted a lobster roll, with a cold beer or a glass of white wine at a place where I could sit at the bar and be at peace.  Maybe the fact that all my friends were busy was a blessing, because I had that kind of quiet, peaceful afternoon with just me, the newspaper, and a really tasty meal.

SPOT: Ed’s Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette St. in Soho, NYC

WHY: Because it’s Nantucket-level cute, and it’s got a long marble bar that’s perfect for the loner.  

EATS: Lobster roll with fries and a glass of white Cote du Rhone.  Lots of lobster and lemon, a little mayo but not much, with delish fries and awesome pickles.  

THE DOWNER: the bartender was a little frazzled and not contributing to my lazy Saturday vibe.  Miguel needs to learn how to calm his nerves and be friendly to all guests. Was he blowing me off because I was a single girl who probably wouldn’t tip as much as the three guys at the end slurping oysters?  Also, lobster rolls in general are out-of-control expensive.  Since when should you have to pay $27 for a sandwich?

DESSERT: I strolled over to Ciao Bella Gelato and got 2 scoops: pistachio and chocolate.  By the time I took my last bite of sugar cone I was at my apartment door and ready for a blissful nap.  laaaazy.




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