most egregious act of price gouging at Dean and Deluca, pt 1

Let me be the first to say I really love Dean and Deluca.  It’s an overcrowded nightmare most of the time, but if you hit it right, say early morning on a Wednesday or right before it closes on Monday, it’s pure magic to stroll the faux aisles and peruse all the weird stuff with very attractive labels.  I should really never be shopping here; for people in my tax bracket there is a mediocre grocery store three blocks away that doesn’t sell dried thai basil leaves but does sell coconut water.  Anyway, D+D is a marble-floored treasure trove and sometimes I just get taken.  This will probably be a weekly, if not daily, feature.  When I declare Chapter 11, I’ll let the bank know they can refer to pts 1-267 of most egregious act of price gouging at Dean and Deluca to see exactly where I went wrong.

Staud’s Sour Cherries in Syrup: $11 for a small jar. Yikes.  It’s an Austrian compote but not the usual thickness you would expect with compotes (or, as the Austrians say, kompott).  I thought it would be a delish addition to plain yogurt, but it’s actually not that sweet, and the tartness of the cherries needs something sweeter to counter.  Vanilla ice cream would be perfect for this and it’s a simple, pretty dessert to serve.  Unfortunately, the cherries come with pits.  Not the most elegant dessert, then.  For $11, please remove my cherry pits.  Is this one of those products that people obsess over because it’s foreign, but really it’s not that big a deal?  



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